Body Waxing Basics By Stevie


Body waxing is an excellent choice for removing unwanted hair. Before you make your appointment its important to make sure your prepared for the appointment and that it’s the correct choice for you. I have been performing waxing procedures for over 15 years on all areas of the body and face. The following information is good to follow for a good waxing experience.

  1. You MUST have two weeks of hair growth in order for the wax removal process to work and be less painful. This equates to 1/4th of an inch of hair.
  2. The week prior to waxing I prefer you to exfoliate with a sugar or salt scrub and or exfoliating gloves. This exfoliation prepares the area to be waxed over several days to ensure that all hair is raised and ready to remove.
  3. We do not perform Brazilian waxing services on female clients who are menstruating. This makes the experience much more painful for the client being waxed. I get it life happens…please call or text the shop you need to reschedule if you get your cycle unexpectedly.
  4. We do not wax areas of the body that have been exposed to tanning beds or sun exposure with in the last 24 hours. This can cause lifting of the skin and we would not want to hurt anyone or cause scaring.
  5. Male Brazilian clients are waxed by me a male esthetician only! I do not expect my female estheticians to perform the service due to prior clients improper attitude and behavior. If your serious about having the hair removed I promise a professional treatment.
  6. It is important to know what medications you are on prior to attending your waxing appointment. Certain Acne, Heart, Birth Control and Thyroid medications can cause complications during the waxing. If you are on any acne medications you MUST disclose them as certain ones can cause lifting of the skin when being waxed.
  7. If you are using any type of chemical exfoliant on the body it’s necessary to discontinue 2 weeks prior to the waxing service. This includes glycolic acid and all Retinoids (Retinol, Retin-a)
  8. Prior to any waxing service you can take a tylenol (4 hours before) and an advil (2 hours before) to help with pain and inflammation. I am not a physician and you know if your allergic or have issues with these medications. Ignore this suggestion if so. I use a topical Lidocaine aerosol 4% spray with all bikini and Brazilian services.
  9. The Brazilian wax service includes all hair removal in the front as well as behind. If you prefer to keep some hair please let your esthecian know prior to starting the service. We do not place our clients on all four as there are better ways to perform the service. We use the butterfly technique and also have the client pull their knees to there chest when needed to remove hair in hard to reach places.
  10. Post wax treatment I recommend using an anti-bacterial soap and a white wash cloth to clean the waxed area for the first week. Do not use shower poofs or sponges for the first week because they breed bacteria and often will cause breakout activity in the waxed area. To prevent ingrown hair you must exfoliate and moisturize the area after waxing to keep the follicle clear. I recommend no bumps topial solution to prevent infection, break out activity and help the body heal properly before the next wax.