Joe Lechene

Joe Lechene – Author, Husband and my hero…thank you baby for all you do and who you are…xoxo Stevie

“After reading Rick Riordan’s full Percy Jackson series, I discovered Wattpad while looking for fanfics that continued Nico and Will’s story. After reading a few, I decided to try my hand at writing even though I have never written anything before in my life.” Joe

Now a #WpAfterDark contest winning writer.
– Spring Break Adventures Contest – 2nd Place
– Scarlet Letter Anthology – 3rd Place

Joe Lechene started writing four years ago. His passion for detail takes the reader to a new level of imagination. Joe started writing short stories on watt-pad. His first publications were focused on Greek mythology and demigods. He gave a twist to the characters of his stories with including GLBTQ content.

Joe’s current book was published on Amazon in January of 2019. We are excited to offer his book at the salon or online below.

This book is also available on Audible at the following link if you prefer to listen verses read.

Fate has landed Tristan and Erik homeless during the harsh New York City winter. Along comes Ian, a writer by profession, who decides to try and help the two young adults out. Offering them a place to stay and finds them jobs until they can get back on their feet. However, fate has other plans in store for the young couple. Contains mature themes.

Joe’s Current Works

Branden’s last four years has been pretty shitty. He lost his boyfriend and parents in the same week. Now that he is in college, a whole new set of complications made his life a living hell. That was up until he got an invitation for a strange party. Throwing caution into the wind, he decides to go for a night out. This one night will set a chain of events into motion that will change Branden’s life forever. This story contains offensive language, violence, and steamy ManXMan sexual situations! Be warned!


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