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Hair Design & Style Services:Price:
Beard & Mu-stash Trim$8.00
Men’s Cut, Wash & Style (Hairline Save Included)$22.00
Men’s Quick Cut (No Wash, No Style)$18.00
Bang Trim$5.00
Shampoo & Dry (No Style)$15.00
Shampoo, Cut & Dry (No Style)$20.00
Quick Cut (no wash or style)$18.00
Shampoo, Cut & Blow Out$35.00
Shampoo, Cut, & Flat Iron Style$35.00
Shampoo, Cut & Curl Iron Style$35.00
Shampoo, Cut & Basic Braid$35.00
Shampoo, Cut & Reflections Oil Blow Out$40.00
Kid’s Cut
(18 and Under, charged by age of child through adult pricing)
Per age. Up to $12.00
Shampoo & Pin Curl Set With Comb Out$25.00
Shampoo & Style With Flat Iron$20.00
Shampoo & Curling Iron Style$20.00
Shampoo & Style With Basic Braid$20.00
Shampoo, Roller Set & Comb Out$20.00
Wig Fitting, Cut & Style$20.00
Wig Shampoo & Set $20.00
Custom Hair Piece Design and Placement
(Purchase of hair is additional cost to this service)
$50.00 & Up
Retro Or Pin up Style
*Shoulder Length, Pre-Washed & Dried Hair
Ethnic Wash, Cut, & Thermal Straightening
*Cost May Differ Based On Amount Of Product & Time
Basic Updo – 1/2 up, 1/2 Done, Some Curls
*Priced at Shoulder Length Hair Pre-Washed & Dried Hair
Formal or Bridal Updo – Full head curl and pin
*Priced at Shoulder Length Pre-Washed & Dried Hair
Below Shoulder

Formal Or Bridal Updo – Wash, Set/Dry Full Head Curl & Pin
*Estimated Time Two & Half Hours
Below Shoulder

Nioxin Scalp Treatment With Dermabrasion
*Promotes Hair Growth & Scalp Health
Cholesterol Scalp Treatment With Massage, No Style$25.00
Color ServicesPrice
Color Consultation Free
Color CorrectionPer Consult
Foiling Design$75.00 & Up
Cap Highlight (short hair, pixie hair)$50.00 & Up
Cap Highlight (Shoulder Length)$65.00 & Up
Color Retouch (Roots Only)$60.00
Color Refresh (Root to End)$70.00
Glossing / Cellophane’s$68.00
Balayage (Shoulder Length)$150.00 & Up
Balayage (Below Shoulder)$175.00 & Up
Ombre’ (Shoulder Length)$150.00 & Up
Ombre’ (Below Shoulder)$175 & Up
Kids Fashion Color (Short Hair)$40.00 & Up
Lighten Roots & Tone $90.00 & Up
Full Head Lightener & Tone (Root to End, shoulder length)$140.00 & Up
Fashion Color Shoulder Length
(lightening with extreme color application)
$160.00 & Up
Fashion Color Short / Pixie
(lightening with extreme color application)
$60.00 & Up
Chemical Texture ServicesPrice:
Basic Perm Wrap With Cut & Diffused Style
*Priced For Shoulder Length Hair
Piggy-Back Perm Wrap
*Priced For Below Shoulder Length Hair
$100 & UP
Spiral Perm Wrap With Cut & Diffused Style
*Priced For Shoulder Length Hair
Chemical Straightening Caucasian Hair
*Priced for Shoulder Length Hair
Ethnic Chemical Relaxer, Cut & Flat Iron Style
*Priced For Shoulder Length Hair Virgin Application
$120.00 &Up
Ethnic Chemical Relaxer Root Touch Up, Cut & Flat Iron Style
*Priced for Shoulder Length Hair
$100.00 & Up
Brazilian Blow Out ServicesPrice:
Brazilian Blowout Shoulder Length$200.00
Brazilian Blowout Below Shoulder$250.00
Brazilian Blowout Ethnic Hair$275.00
Brazilian Blow Out Take Home Care Products
Required To Maintain Blowout…if not purchased at time of service no guarantees on service provided.
Eye Lash & Brow ServicesPrice:
Eye Lash Individual Tabs Application (Temp Service)$25.00
Eye Lash Strip application (Temp Service)$10.00
Lash Stuff Classic Set of Lash Extensions (2.5 Hours)$175.00
Lash Stuff Classic Fill of Lash Extensions (1.5 Hours)$50.00-75.00
Eye Lash or Brow Tinting$32.00
Eye Lash or Brow Perming (done prior to tint)$32.00
Eye Lash Lift$32.00
Makeup Service:Price:
Basic Makeup Application$25.00
Evening Makeup Application$30.00
Theatrical / Drag Makeup Application Per Consult
Air Brush Makeup Application$40.00
Makeup Lesson Charged By Hour
Basic, Contouring, Eye & Lip, Theatrical
$40.00 per hour
Bridal / Photography Makeup$40.00

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