The Garage, Mens Menu

Men’s Hair

Men’s Quick Cut (No Wash or Style) Includes Neck Shave$22.00
Men’s Cut, Shape-up, Wash & Style$25.00
Men’s Buzz Cut (Whole Head)$12.00
Men’s Maintenance Cut – Clean up of hairline only$10.00
Beard and Mustache Trim$8.00
Men’s Scalp Shave with Hot Towel (Five Blade Razor)$15.00
Men’s Eyebrow, Nostril, Ear, Beard Line Up Waxing$17.00 each
Men’s Tea Tree Scalp Treatment for Dandruff, Eczema, Psoriasis$25.00
Men’s Color (Permanent) 45 Minutes$60.00
Men’s Gray Blending (Washes out over time) 20 Minutes$60.00
Men’s Cap Highlight or Low light (Short Hair) 1 hour65.00
Men’s Beard Color35.00

Men’s Hair Removal & Manscape

Men’s Eyebrow / Uni-brow Waxing$17.00
Men’s Underarm Wax$18.00
Men’s Back Wax
(Priced for Whole Back and Top of Shoulders.)
Men’s Back Wax – By Section
(Upper, Mid, Lower sections)
Men’s Brazilian Wax
(Includes all hair on front of pubic mound, scrotum and butt-ox.)
Performed by male Esthetician only
Men’s Brazilian (Behind only)$50.00
Manscaping – Clipper Arms $20.00
Manscaping – Clipper Arms & Shave$30.00
Manscaping – Clipper Back & Front Torso$25.00
Manscaping – Clipper Back & Front Torso & Shave$35.00
Manscaping Clipper Back Torso$20.00
Manscaping Clipper Back Torso & Shave$25.00
Manscaping – Clipper Front Torso$20.00
Manscaping – Clipper Front Torso & Shave$25.00
Manscaping – Clipper Bikini/Brazilian$40.00
Manscaping – Clipper Bikini/Brazilian & Shave$50.00
Manscaping – Clipper Underarm
Manscaping – Clipper and Shave Underarm$20.00

Men’s Skin Care

Men’s Chair Facial (25 Min)$30.00
Men’s Facial (45 Min)$50.00
Men’s European Facial (60 Min)
Includes Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Men’s Acne Facial with Extractions$75.00
Men’s Pro Power Peel (Soften wrinkles, Brighten & Firm Skin)
Skin kit purchase required and included for home care
Men’s Eye Pro Peel (helps remove wrinkles, brightens and tightens skin)
Micro-Dermabrasion (add on to most skin services)$25.00
Men’s Skin / Shave ConsultationFree