Escape the Holidays!

The holiday season can be a stressful time.  Make sure to take the time and give yourself that opportunity to treat yourself to that much needed trim or color.  The family pictures, special events and just your sanity are worth it.  We have several services to offer stress relief during this holiday season.

OPI Manicure and Pedicure

These services take care of the essential nail and skin needs.  They also offer a massage that can be enhanced by hot stones.  They are definatly something worth giving an hour of your time for.  We can remove those calluses and massage those woes away.

Gelish Nail Services


Our top of the line brand Gelish has been recognized as being one of the industry’s best in quality and value.  We can apply a gel coat to your nails in a variety of holiday or basic colors.  Customers have great results with avoiding chipping and wear.  The gel guarantees that your nails look there best for any occasion.

Wella Color Touch Retreat


Color Touch is for the person who needs low maintnance and quick service.  The line of color is translucent.  It offers demi prominent results.  In english this line will fade off over time allowing your natural color to come through.  If you do not want want to commit to coloring your hair on a regular basis this is a good choice.  Color touch is great for men as it is quick and will blend the gray away.  Its not as stark as semipermanent color.  This offers you a great way to avoid committing and looking great for the holiday season.  Also for those white and Grey issues you can blend them and make them look less.

Luxe Oil Scalp and Hair Treatment & Scalp Massage


One of our premium services that makes a great present for a loved one.  Our Luxe Oil Ttreatment can be added to any hair cut or stand alone for a relaxing retriet.  This treatment provides a scalp massage to deeply cleans the follicule and relax the scalp.  It is color safe and recommended for over processed or dry hair.

All pricing an be found on our menus of services.